Cake Pricing

Please order cakes a minimum of 7 days in advance

Please email any questions to

Occasion Cakes 

The following is a base price for birthday cakes. These are double stacked cakes and come with a filling, buttercream icing and a standard design

  • 6" (serves 12) $40.00

  • 8" (serves 15-17) $50.00

  • 9" (serves 24) $55.00

  • 1/4 sheet (serves 24) $55.00

  • 1/2 sheet (serves 48) $75.00 or 2 $140 (serves 96)

Custom Design

Tiered Occasion Cakes

These start at $3.00 a serving 

Please be prepared for price variations as labor cost can go over the estimated decorating times. 


  • Cupcakes: $27.00/dz

  • Filled Cupcakes: $33/dz

  • Large Cupcakes: $6.00 ea

  • Large Filled Cupcakes: $8.00

Cake Flavors

  • Strawberry Bavarian

  • Chocolate Raspberry

  • Lemon drop

  • Raspberry Lemonade

  • Champagne 

  • Chocolate Mocha

  • Red Velvet

  • Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Carrot Cake

  • Champagne Chambord

  • Tuxedo Truffle

  • Almond Raspberry

  • Champagne Bumbleberry 


Wedding Cakes

  • Basic design: $4.25 per serving

  • Fondant cakes: $5.00 per serving

  • Custom Themed or designed: $5.75 per serving.

Each wedding order starts out with an one on one consultation. Due to COVID consultations are now being held via video chat or phone call. A sample box is ordered and picked up then a consultation is scheduled. 

Consultations are $40 but this fee is waived if your order is $150 or more.


Four samples of your choice are included in the consultation fee. Any more samples at $2 each. 

Dessert Bars 

Ala Cart Menu


  • Mini Pies $34/dozen

  • Gluten Free $42/dozen

  • Mini Cheesecakes/Lemon tarts $34/dozen

  • Chocolate mousse shots:  Milk Chocolate, Amaretto, Mocha and Hazelnut $37/dozen

  • Bar cookies: brownies, lemon, chocolate chip cookie bars $40.00 a ¼ sheet   

  • Gluten Free Dairy free brownies $55 a ¼ sheet

  • Parfait shots: Strawberry Champagne, Chocolate Raspberry, Tiramisu and Raspberry lemonade $38/dozen 

  • Mini cupcakes $16/dozen

  • **French Macaron (custom color and flavor) $25/dozen

  • **Coconut Macaroons $16.00/dozen

Individual delivery fees and stand rentals apply.

Stands are a requirement for dessert bars

**Naturally Gluten Free